OPE5794 Datasheet PDF – 3mm LED, Infrared Emitting Diode

Part Number : OPE5794

Function : LED / GaAlAs Infrared Emitter

Package : 3mm Radial type

Manufacturers : Unspecified

Pinouts :

OPE5794 datasheet

Description :

The OPE5794 is GaAlAs infrared emitting diode that is designed for high radiant intensity and low forward voltage .This deviceis optimized for efficiencat emission wavelength 940nm and has a high radiant efficiency over a wide range of forward current. This device is packaged T1 plastic package and has medium beam angle with lensed package  and cup frame.


1. High-output power
2. Medium beam angle
3. Available for pulse operating

Absoulte maximum ratings

1. Power dissipation : PD = 80 mW
2. Forward current : IF = 60 mA
3. Pulse forward current : IFP = 0.8 A
4. Reverse voltage : VR = 5.0 V


1. Optical emitters
2. Optical switches
3. Smoke sensors
4. IR remote control
5. IR sound transmission

Other data sheets within the file : E5794


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OPE5794 pdf