OR2C26A Datasheet PDF – Field-Programmable Gate Array

Part Number : OR2C26A

Function : ORCA Feild-Programmable Gate Array. Voltage 5.0 V.

Package : 208, 240 SQFP, 304, 432 EBGA Pin Type

Manufacturers : Agere ( LSI Corporation )

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OR2C26A datasheet


Description :

The ORCA Series 2 series of SRAM-based FPGAs are an enhanced version of the ATT2C/2T architecture. The latest ORCA series includes patented architectural enhancements that make functions faster and easier to design while conserving the use of PLCs and routing resources. The Series 2 devices can be used as drop-in replace ments for the ATT2Cxx/ATT2Txx series, respectively, and they are also bit stream compatible with each other.


1. Eight 3-state buffers per PFU for on-chip bus structures
2. High-performance, cost-effective, low-power 0.35 μm CMOS technology (OR2CxxA),
3. Full PCI bus compliance for all devices


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OR2C26A pdf