OTM8009A Datasheet – One-chip solution for TFT-LCD

Part Number : OTM8009A

Function : One-chip solution for TFT-LCD

Manufacturers : ORISE Technology

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The OTM8009A, a 16,777,216-color System-on-Chip (SoC) driver LSI designed for small and medium sizes of TFT LCD display, is capable of supporting up to 480xRGBx864 ( WVGA ) in resolution which can be achieved by the integrated RAM for graphic data. The 480-channel source driver has true 8-bit resolution, which generates 256 Gamma-corrected values by an internal D/A converter.
The OTM8009A is able to operate with low IO interface power supply and incorporate with several charge pumps to generate various voltage levels that form an on-chip power management system for gate driver and source driver.


Block Diagram




1. One-chip solution for color amorphous TFT-LCD

2. Built-in digital separate RGB gamma

3. Built-in single full video RAM with support up to WVGA

4. Built-in DC-VCOM.

5. Built-in internal oscillator and hardware reset.


Reference Site

1. https://github.com/muojie/my_c/tree/master/driver/lcd

2. https://developer.mbed.org/teams/ST/code/otm8009a/otm8009a.c


OTM8009A Datasheet