OZ964AGN PDF – Phase-Shift PWM Controller – O2Micro

Part Number: OZ964AGN, OZ964

Function: Phase-Shift PWM Controller

Package: SSOP-16 Pin type

Manufacturer: O2Micro


OZ964AGN datasheet pinout


OZ964, OZ964AGN operates in a zero-voltage switching mode that minimizes electromagnetic
interference (EMI). In addition, OZ964 achieves a high power-conversion efficiency resulting in a lower operating temperature and higher system reliability.

OZ964 supports a wide input voltage range and provides a constant, user-defined, operating
frequency, ensuring that the CCFLs operate at a fixed frequency. This eliminates interference
among CCFLs and the LCD panel. Interference causes electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
problems and may create visual effects (waterfall) on LCD panels. The controller provides a phase-shift square wave output that is able to drive a full bridge power train. […]

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1. Controller for high-voltage DC/DC and DC/AC converters

2. High efficiency, zero-voltage switching

3. Supports wide input voltage range

4. Constant operating frequency

5. Built-in PWM dimming control with wide dimming range


OZ964AGN Datasheet