OZ9902CGN Datasheet PDF – High Power LED Driver

Part Number : OZ9902CGN

Function : Single Channel High Power LED Driver

Package : SOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturers : O2Micro

Images :

OZ9902CGN datasheet

Description :

OZ9902CGN is a single channel, high power LED driver designed for LED backlight applications used in large-size LCD TVs. The controller supports wide range, direct Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming control and analog dimming control for LED string forward current.

Pinout :

OZ9902CGN pinout


1. Constant current or voltage output
2. Drives one string of high power LEDs
3. 0% to 100% PWM dimming control
4. Analog dimming control
5. Constant operation frequency
6. Power MOSFET over-current protection
7. Over-voltage protection
8. Output to return and Output to ground short circuit protection
9. Output over load protection
10. Thermal protection
11. LED fault status output





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OZ9902CGN Datasheet PDF

OZ9902CGN pdf