OZ9966 Datasheet – Large-Size LCD TV Controller – O2Micro

Part Number : OZ9966

Function : Large-Size LCD TV Controller

Package : 24 SOP, SSOP Type

Manufacturers : O2Micro

Image :

OZ9966 image

Description :

The OZ9966 is a high performance controller designed for large-size LCDTV applications requiring multiple lamps. It achieves a high eff ciency power conversion

with minimal switching loss using a full-bridge N-Channel MOSFETtopology. The OZ9966 is ideal for single-side drive or differential drive applications.
OZ9966 allows selection of the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming polarity, and provides two dedicated pins for analog and PWM dimming control.

Pinout :

OZ9966 Datasheet



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