OZ9976 Datasheet PDF – PWM controller – OZMICRO

Part Number: OZ9976

Function: PWM controller, Offline LCD TV Controller

Package: SOP16 Type

Manufacturer: OZMICRO

Image :
OZ9976 datasheet controller


The OZ9976 is a high efficiency, Pulse Width Modulation

(PWM) controller designed for off line LCD backlight application. It achieves high efficiency power conversion with minimal switching loss using Zero Current Switching (ZCS) technology. 0Z9976 applications can operate under fixed or variable operating frequency with ZCS technology.

A PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controller is an electronic device or circuit that generates and controls pulse-width modulated signals. PWM is a technique used to control the average power delivered to a load by rapidly switching the power on and off at a fixed frequency while varying the width of the pulses.

The primary purpose of a PWM controller is to regulate the power or voltage applied to a load, typically for controlling the speed, position, intensity, or other characteristics of a device or system. It is widely used in various applications, including motor control, LED dimming, power supplies, and audio amplifiers.

The minimum operating frequency can be set by either an external RC network or
operate in self-oscillating mode. The intelligent operating frequency management
circuitry extends Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) lifetime and offers design flexibility.


OZ9976 pinout


• Offline Inverter Controller (IPB)
• Supports both fixed and variable frequency applications
• Half-bridge or push-pull topology
• Directly drives pulse transformers
• Dedicated pins for Analog and LPWM dimming
• User-defined minimum operating frequency
• User-defined striking frequency range
• Open-load, over-voltage, and under-voltage lockout protection
• User-defined striking and shutdown delay timers
• Soft start function


OZ9976 Datasheet PDF

OZ9976GN pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: OZ9976GN

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