OZ9993 Datasheet PDF – Low Cost White LED Controller

Part Number: OZ9993

Function: Low Cost White LED Controller

Package: SOT23-6L Type

Manufacturer: O2MICRO


OZ9993 Datasheet

An OZ9993 is a high efficiency, DC/DC controller with an integrated power MOSFET that drives one string of LEDs. It provides the user with a low cost solution that requires minimum components for the boost regulator and is suitable for applications requir ing a single cell Lithium Ion battery. A soft start feature is provided to minimize in-rush current during start-up.


• High frequency DC/DC boost converter controller

• Supports a single cell Li-Ion battery

• Fixed 975kHz switching frequency

• Integrated power MOSFET with over-current protection

• Output over-voltage protection

• Open diode or output short circuit protection

• Thermal protection

OZ9993 Datasheet PDF

OZ9993 pdf

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