P2808A1 Datasheet Pinout – Power Controller IC

This is one of the power controller ic types.

Part Number : P2808A1, P2808

Function : Power Controller IC

Package : SOP 8 Pin

See the preview image for more information.

Image :



P2808A1 Datasheet

Pin arrangement

1. VA
2. VIN
3. M_BTN#
5. GND
6. PWR_SW#
8. VIN1

P2808A1 Datasheet

P2808A1 Controller

Other data sheets within the file : P2808B0, P2808BO, P28O8BO

Reference page : http://www.datasheetcafe.com/p2808b0-datasheet-mosfet-controller/

P2808B0 Datasheet

P2808B0 pdf

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