P4SMAJ85CA Datasheet – 400W, 85V, Voltage Suppressor

Part Number : P4SMAJ85CA, P4SMAJ5.0 Thru P4SMAJ170CA

Marking Code : ZV

Function : 400 Watt, 85V, Transient Voltage Suppressor

Package : DO-214AC

Manufacturers : Micro Commercial Components

Pinouts :

P4SMAJ85CA datasheet


Description :

1. For Surface Mount Applications
2. Unidirectional And Bidirectional
3. Low Inductance
4. High Temp Soldering: 250°C for 10 Seconds At Terminals
5. For Bidirectional Devices Add “C” To The Suffix Of The Part Number: i.e.SMAJ5.0C or P4SMAJ5.0CA for 5% Tolerance
6. P4SMAJ5.0~P4SMAJ440CA also can be named as SMAJ5.0~SMAJ440CA and have the same electrical spec

Mechanical Data

1. Case: JEDEC DO-214AC
2. Terminals: Solderable per MIL-STD-750, Method 2026
3. Polarity: Indicated by cathode band except bi-directional types

Other data sheets within the file : P4KE100A, P4KE100CA, P4SMAJ10, P4SMAJ100, P4SMAJ100A

P4SMAJ85CA Datasheet PDF Download

P4SMAJ85CA pdf