PA2032A Datasheet PDF, Pinout – MOSFET – Pioneer

Part Number : PA2032A

Function : Pioneer MOSFET

Package : Flexiwatt 27 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Pioneer Electronics

ImageĀ :

PA2032A datasheet

Description :

Notes about installation and pin number description of Power IC (IC301: PA2032A). The Power IC, PA2032A used on tha Tuner Amp Unit is a 25 pin IC. The same PCB of the Tuner Amp Unit is used for other models that use a 27 pin IC, too. So, the PCB has lands for a 27 pin IC.
When you replace the Power IC, install the Power IC onto 25 pins (2- 26 pin) located in the center of 27 pins for IC301. Therefore, when you check the Power IC on the block diagram, the schematic diagram and the PCB connection diagram, you have to pay attention as follows.


Pinout :

PA2032A pinout

Reference page :

Reference Manual


PA2032A Datasheet

PA2032A pdf

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