PBL38772 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : PBL38772

Function : Subscriber Line Interface Circuit (SLIC)

Manufacturers : Ericsson

Pinouts :

PBL38772 datasheet

Description :

Key Features
• On-chip ringing generation
– Balanced, up to 81 VPeak
– Any waveform
– 5REN ringing load
– Automatic gain control of ring signal (AGC-R)
– Short circuit safe
• Low on-hook power consumption in Active
State (65 mW @ VBat = -80 V)
• Automatic current controlled battery
switching between on-hook battery (VBat) and
talk battery (VTBat)
• Pulse metering and on-hook transmission
• UL-1950 and MTU compliant on-hook line
• 3.3 V compatible logic interface
• Silent or fast polarity reversal
• Programmable Ring-Trip current

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