PC97551-VPC PDF Datasheet – Embedded Controller

Part Number: PC97551-VPC

Function: Embedded Controller

Package: 176-pin LQFP and FBGA Type

Manufacturer: Winbond Electronics


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PC97551-VPC image


The Winbond PC97551 is an embedded controller (EC) for mainstream notebook applications. It includes a highly optimized set of functions, which provide a hardware/firmware partition that enables the implementation of flexible solutions; and its high-performance CPU core enables EC functionality to be extended via the firmware.


Outstanding Features:

1. Host interface, based on Intel’s LPC Interface Specification Revision 1.1, August 2002

2. PC2001 Rev 1.0, and ACPI 3.0 compliant

3. 16-bit RISC core, with 2 Mbytes address space, running at up to 20 MHz

4. Shared BIOS flash memory (external)

5. 92 GPIO ports (including keyboard scanning) with a variety of wake-up events

6. JTAG-based debugger interface

PC97551-VPC Datasheet