PCM1865 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : PCM1865

Function : PCM186x 110dB 2ch and 4ch Audio ADCs with Universal Front End

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

PCM1865 datasheet

Description :

The PCM186x family of audio front-end devices takes a new approach to audio-function integration to ease compliance with European Ecodesign legislation while enabling high-performance end products. With no need for a 5-volt supply or an external programmable-gain amplifier, smaller, smarter products are feasible at reduced cost. The PCM186x’s highly flexible audio front end supports input levels from small-mV microphone inputs to 2.1V RMS line Inputs without external resistor dividers. The PCM186x family integrates many system-level functions that assist or replace some DSP functions.

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