PGM5506 Datasheet – 90nW, 540nm, CDS Photo Resistors – Token

Part Number: PGM5506

Function: CDS Photo Resistors

Package: Epoxy resin ( Gross weight: 0.25 g ), Diameter : 5mm

Manufacturer: TOKEN ( )




PGM series ( PGM5506 )  specification provides the mechanical data, electronic characteristics and test conditions in terms of 5mm, 12mm, and 20mm. Token CdS resistors can be customed designs and tighter tolerances available on request. Application of CdS resistors specific designs also available including different photo resistance and response time specifications adjusted to resistance requirements.



1. Epoxy or hermetical package
2. Reliable Performance
3. Quick Response
4. Good Characteristic of Spectrum

1. Light Resistance : Measured at 10 lux with standard light A (2854K-color temperature) and 2hr. preillumination at 400-600 lux prior testing.
2. Dark Resistance : Measured at 10th seconds after closing 10 lux.


Official Homepage:

PGM5506 Datasheet



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