Pm25LQ032C PDF Datasheet – 32Mbit, Serial Flash Memory

Part Number: Pm25LQ032C

Function: 32Mbit Single Operating Voltage Serial Flash Memory

Package: SOIC, WSON 8 Pin

Manufacturer: Chingis Technology


3 page


The Pm25LQ032C are 32 Mbit Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Flash memories, providing single-, dual or quad-output. The devices are designed to support a 33 MHz fclock rate in normal read mode, and 104 MHz in fast read (Quad output is 100MHz), the fastest in the industry. The devices use a single low voltage power supply, ranging from 2.7 Volt to 3.6 Volt, to perform read, erase and program operations. The devices can be programmed in standard EPROM programmers.


1. Single Power Supply Operation :  Low voltage range: 2.7 V – 3.6 V

2. Memory Organization – Pm25LQ032 : 4096K x 8 (32 Mbit)

3. Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Compatible

(1) Supports single-, dual- or quad-output

(2) Supports SPI Modes 0 and 3

(3) Maximum 33 MHz clock rate for normal read

(4) Maximum 104 MHz clock rate for fast read


The devices are designed to interface directly with the synchronous Serial Peripheral Interface
(SPI) of the Motorola MC68HCxx series of microcontrollers or any SPI interface-equipped system controllers.



Pm25LQ032C Datasheet PDF

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