PM75RSK060 Datasheet PDF – 75A, 600V, IPM

Part Number : PM75RSK060

Function : 75 Amp, Intelligent power module for flat-base type

Package : Insulated Package

Manufacturers : Mitsubishi Electric

Pinouts :

PM75RSK060 datasheet


Description :

Mitsubishi Intelligent Power Modules are isolated base modules designed for power switching applications operating at frequencies to 20kHz. Built-in control circuits provide optimum gate drive and protection for the IGBT and free wheel diode power devices.

Features :

1. Complete Output Power Circuit

2. Gate Drive Circuit

3. Protection Logic

(1) Short Circuit
(2) Over Current
(3) Over Temperature
(4) Under Voltage

Applications :

1. Inverters

2. UPS

3. Motion/Servo Control

4. Power Supplies

PM75RSK060 Datasheet PDF Download

PM75RSK060 pdf

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