PMP7340 Datasheet PDF – Step Down Converter

Part Number : PMP7340

Function : High Efficiency Step Down Converter for Storage SSD ASIC Core Rail Reference Design

Package : Module Type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Image :

PMP7340 datasheet


Description :

The PMP7340 uses the TPS53319 synchronous-buck SWIFT converter with integrated power MOSFETs using PowerStack technology  to provide a highly efficienct, power dense 12V input to 1V output 5.7A solution .

The TPS53319 is ideal for powering low-voltage, high-current  SSD Controller ASICs as well as DDR core memory rail.


Features :

1. Fast 25us transient response (2.8A to 5.7A load-step)

2. Small 1uH inductor to save space

3. 500kHz switching frequency

4. 86% peak efficiency from a 12V input to a 1V ouput.

5. No control loop compensation components.



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PMP7340 pdf

Other data sheets within the file : PMP-7340