PN8136 Datasheet – Off-line PWM Converter – Chipown

Part Number : PN8136, PN8136NSC-T1

Function : Low Standby-Power Off-line PWM Converters

Package : DIP 7 Pin type

Manufactures : Chipown ( )



PN8136 consists of an integrated Pulse Width Modulator ( PWM ) controller and power MOSFET, specically designed for a high performance off-line conveter with minimal external componets. PN8136 offers complete protection coverage with automatic self-recovery feature including Cycle-by-Cycle current limiting ( adjustable OCP ), and overload protection ( OLP ), over temperature protection ( OTP ) and soft-start. Hi-mode, Eco-mode, Busrt mode operation and device very low consumption helps to meet the standby energy saving regulations and archieve higher efficiency. Excellent EMI performance is achieved with frequency modulation. The device consists of the high voltage start-up circuit.




1. Interal 650V avalanche-rugged power MOSFET

2. Hi-mode ( 60kHz PWM )

3. Eco-mode ( PFM )

4. Burst-mode ( 25Khz Burst-Mode )

5. Frequency modulation for low EMI

6. Built-in Soft Start

7. Internal HV Start-up Circuit


Typical Circuit



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PN8136 Datasheet