PT5020 Datasheet – Integrated Switching Regulator

Part Number : PT5020

Function : Integrated switching regulator (ISRs)

Package : 3 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

PT5020 datasheet


Description :

The PT5020 series of integrated switching regulators (ISRs) convert a positive input voltage, typically +5V, to a negative output voltage for a wide range of analog and datacom applications.

These Plus to Minus ISRs incorporate a “Buck-Boost” topology and are packaged in the 3-pin, single in-line pin (SIP) package configuration.


• Negative Output
• Input Voltage Range : +4.75 to +7 Volts
• Laser-Trimmed
• Small Footprint
• Soft Start
• 5-Pin Mount Option (Suffixes L & M)

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