PT7314 PDF Datasheet – 4-Channel Input Audio Processor

A 4-channel input audio processor is a specialized integrated circuit (IC) or digital signal processor (DSP) designed to handle audio signals from four separate input channels. These processors are commonly used in audio applications where multiple audio channels need to be processed simultaneously.

Part Number: PT7314

Function: 4-Channel Input Audio Processor

Package: SOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ETC, PTC

Images:PT7314 pdf processor


PT7314 is a four-channel input digital audio processor utilizing CMOS Technology. Volume, Bass, Treble and Balance are incorporated into a single chip. Loudness Function and Selectable Input Gain are also provided to build a highly effective electronic audio processor having the highest performance and reliability with the least external components. All functions are programmable using the I2C Bus. The pin assignments and application circuit are optimized for easy PCB layout and cost saving advantage for audio application.


• CMOS technology

• Least external components

• Treble and bass control

• Loudness function

• 4 stereo inputs with selectable input gain

• Input/output for external noise reduction system/equalizer

• 2 independent speaker controls for balance control


• Car stereo (Audio)

• Hi-Fi audio system

PT7314 pinout datasheet

PT7314 PDF Datasheet


PT7314E pdf

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