PT8A978P Datasheet PDF

Part Number : PT8A978P

Function : 5-Function Remote Controller / Package: 14-pin DIP, 14-pin SOIC, 16-pin DIP and 16-pin SOIC

Manufacturers : Unspecified

Pinouts :

PT8A978P datasheet

Description :

The PTA977P (or 977W) and PT8A978P (or 978LW) provide a complete control functions to the remote controlled toy. The PT8A977P/977W has five input pins corresponding with the five function buttons i.e, forward, backward, rightward, leftward and turbo.

The encoding circuit in the PT8A977P/977W sends digital codes to the two output pins SO and SC. The digital codes correspond to the definite function buttons or their combinations. The SO and SC outputs are used in wireless and infra-red applications respectively.

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