PTC-C9xx PDF Datasheet – PTC Thermistor – EPCOS, TDK

Part Number: PTC-C9xx

Function: PTC Thermistor ( Weerstanden B59 Series )

Manufacturer: EPCOS, TDK


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This is PTC thermistor for overcurrent protection . ( PTC-C955-E8, PTC C965-1E2, C995-13E ).

EPCOS PTC Thermistors are thermally sensitive semiconductor resistors made of ceramic components whose electrical resistance rapidly increases when a certain temperature is exceeded. This feature makes EPCOS PTC Thermistors ideal for use in electrical and electronic engineering applications, for example as resettable fuses against current overload or as short circuit protection in motors. Applications include measurement and control engineering, entertainment, household, and automotive electronics, and data systems and telecommunications.



1. Overcurrent protection

2. Short circuit protection

PTC-C9xx Datasheet