PUSB3TB6 Datasheet PDF – ESD Protection

Part Number : PUSB3TB6

Marking Number : 3T

Function : ESD protection for ultra high-speed interfaces

Package : Plastic extremely thin small outline

Manufacturers : NXP Semiconductors.

Image and Pinouts :

PUSB3TB6 datasheet


Description :

The device is designed to protect high-speed interfaces such as SuperSpeed and Hi – Speed USB combination, Secure Digital (SD) card 3.0 and Thunderbolt interfaces against ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD).

The device includes six high-level ESD protection diode structures for ultra high-speed signal lines and is encapsulated in a DFN2111-7 (SOT1358-1) leadless ultra small Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic package.

Pinouts :

Features :

1. System ESD protection for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 combination, SD card 3.0 and
Thunderbolt interfaces

2. All signal lines with integrated rail-to-rail clamping diodes for downstream
ESD protection of 10 kV exceeding IEC 61000-4-2, level 4

3. Matched 0.5 mm trace spacing

4. Signal lines with  0.05 pF matching capacitance between signal pairs

5. Line capacitance of only 0.27 pF for each channel

6. Design-friendly pass-through signal routing

Applications :

1. Portable and wearable devices

2. Smartphones and tablet PCs

3. TVs and monitors

4. DVD recorders and players

5. Notebooks, main board graphic cards and ports

6. Set-top boxes and game consoles

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