PXA300 Datasheet PDF – Processor – Marvell

PXA300 is a kind of the processor.

Part Number: PXA300

Function: Processor ( System-on-chip )

Package: 14×14 mm, 456-Ball VF-BGA Package

Manufacturer: Marvell Semiconductor ( https://www.marvell.com/ )


PXA300 datasheet


The Marvell PXA300 processor, with scalable performance to 624 MHz and video performance capabilities, enables the development of cost-efficient smartphones, industrial embedded solutions, and handheld devices such as GPS. Built on a low-power 90 nanometer (nm) process technology, and with the ability to dynamically scale voltage and frequency on demand, the PXA300 supports today’s stringent requirements for longer battery life.

The Marvell PXA3xx product family is completely software compatible and includes two pin-compatible components specifically tailored to high volume consumer products such as mobile phones, digital media players, GPS navigation systems, and embedded devices. The Marvell PXA300 (Monahans-L) offers performance and cost optimization for high volume handheld devices while the Marvell PXA310 (Monahan-LV) provides high-resolution VGA multimedia performance with extended battery life for demanding 3G video and audio use. The PXA310 delivers unprecedented 30fps H.264 playback performance at VGA resolutions along with leading edge general purpose processing. Both products deliver “Scalable to 624MHz” performance and are software compatible with Marvell PXA320 processors so that a single software development effort scales across a wide range of devices segments. All products in the family are either shipping in volume or available in samples now, and will be shipping in volume in the first half of 2007.

Block Diagram


Pin assignments and datasheets for this process are private.

Please contact the manufacturer. ( https://www.marvell.com/ )

Reference Link : https://docs.toradex.com/100201-colibri-arm-som-pxa3xx-emts.pdf

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