QVA21114 Datasheet – Slotted Optical Switch – QT, Fairchild

Part Number : QVA21114

Function : Slotted Optical Switch

Manufactures : QT Optoelectronics -> Fairchild

Product Image :


The QVA series of switches is designed to allow the user maximum flexibility in applicaions. Each switch consists of an infrared emitting diode facing an NPN phototransistor accross a .125″(3.18mm) gap. A unique housing design provides a smooth exteral surface to prevent dust and dirt buildup while molded interal apertures give precise positioing and also provide protection from ambient light interference.
( QVA11123, QVA11124, QVA11113 )

QVA21114 Datasheet

QVA21114 Datasheet

Datasheet Download : [ QVA21114.pdf ]