QX5252 Datasheet – LED Driver, TO-94, DIP-8 Pin – QXMD

Part Number: QX5252

Function: LED Driver

Package: TO-94, DIP-8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: QXMD




QX5252 is a solar LED lighting fixtures for ASIC design. It is driven by a switching circuit, Optical switch circuit, over discharge protection circuit, the internal integration of Short Based diodes and other circuit. Can be only one external inductor Composition of solar lighting devices. QX5252 using patented technology, LED Under voltage shutdown makes no blinking LED lights.







1. Operating voltage: 0.9V-1.5V
2. Output current: 3mA-300mA
3. Patented over-discharge protection: no flash off
4. Integrated light control switch
5. Integrated Schottky Diode
6. Only one inductor external components
7. High efficiency


QX5252F : Directly controlled by the solar panels.
QX5252E : LS side need to add a photosensitive resistor and a normal resistance


QX5252 Datasheet


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