R-DPA96A Datasheet PDF – Digital Power Analyzer

Part Number : R-DPA96A

Function : Digital Power Analyzer

Manufacturers : RUDOLF

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R-DPA96A datasheet


Description :

Control your energy distribution with Rudolf digital power analyzer – made to measure.
There is an increasing trend in electrical installations, operators need to identify large consumers, analyze networks and diagnose fault. Rudolf provides a universal multi-function solution with the advanced version RDPA96A. The R-DPA96A optimizes the operation of your electrical network by

1. Reducing operating costs

2. Cutting down production losses

3. Optimizing maintenance costs

4. Improving the performance of the installation

Basic Features :

(1) Measure

– all electrical values to check that your network is functioning properly.

(2) Monitor

– your electrical networks using alarms for feeder load levels or loss of phase, voltage surges,
voltage dips and outage.

(3) Analyze

– energy quality by breaking down the harmonics by phases to prevent cable over-heating,
transformer overload or equipment ageing.


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