R1244N001B-TR-FE Datasheet – Step-down DC/DC Converter

Part Number : R1244N001B-TR-FE

Function : 1.2A 30V Input PWM Step-down DC/DC Converter

Package : DFN(PLP)2527-10, SOT-23-6W Type

Manufacturers : RICOH Co.,Ltd.

Image and Pinouts :

R1244N001B-TR-FE datasheet


Description :

The R1244N001B-TR-FE Series are 30V input, CMOS-based PWM step-down DC/DC converters featuring 1.2A∗ output current. R1240x/R1244N include a soft start circuit and a latch or a fold-back protection circuit. By simply using an inductor, resistors, a diode, and capacitors as external components, a high-efficiency step-down DC/DC converter can be easily configured. Due to current mode PWM control, the R1240x/R1244N provide a fast response and high efficiency.

Applications :

1. Power source for digital home appliances such as digital TVs and DVD players

2. Power source for office automation equipment such as printers and fax machines


R1244N001B-TR-FE Datasheet PDF Download

R1244N001B-TR-FE pdf

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