RDA1846S PDF Datasheet – Single Chip Transceiver

This post explains for the transceiver.

The Part Number is RDA1846S.

The function of this semiconductor is Single Chip Transceiver.

The package is 5×5 mm 32 pin QFN.

Manufacturer: RDA Microelectronics

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The RDA1846S has a powerful digital signal processor, which makes it have optimum voice quality, flexible function options, and robust performance under varying reception conditions.
The transceiver uses the CMOS process with a package size of 5x5mm. By virtue of its high integration, it requires the least external components and eliminates the complicated design of sensitive RF circuits on PCB.



1. CMOS single-chip fully-integrated transceiver

2. Fully integrated frequency synthesizer and VCO

3. Digital auto frequency control (AFC)

4. Digital auto gain control (AGC)

5. Selectable pre/de-emphasis

6. Received signal strength indicator (RSSI)

7. DTMF and programmable in-band dual tone

8. Programmable in-band single tone transmitter

9. Auto RX/TX/SLEEP state switching


1. Cellular handsets

2. Family radio services

3. Walkie Talkies



RDA1846S Datasheet

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