REC5 Datasheet PDF – DC/DC Converter

Part Number : REC5

Function : 5 Watt DIP24 & SMD Single &Dual Output

Manufacturers : RECOM Electronic GmbH

Pinouts :

REC5 datasheet

Description :

This series offers standard isolation of 2kDC with 4kVDC or 6kVDC options making it ideal
for both industrial, medical and other sophisticated high end applications. Packaging can be
either DIP-24 non-conductive plastic or 5-side-shielded DIP24 metal case (= option “/M”) as
well as DIP24-SMD case (= option “/SMD”). For all the above variants, 2 industry-standard
pinouts (= option “/A” or “/C”) are available. “B” pinning is also available with “/H” isolation
of 1.6kVDC. Remote on/off control is possible with the /CTRLoption (“A” pinning only). The
converters can deliver 140% rated power for short periods of time to cope with applications
with large capacitive loads or high start up currents.

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REC5 pdf

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