RK818 Datasheet – High Performance PMIC – RockChip

This post explains for the semiconductor RK818.

The Part Number is RK818.

The function of this semiconductor is Power Management System.

Manufacturers : Rockchip

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Description :

The RK818 is a high performance PMIC for multi-core processor applications that require multiple outputs in a single-cell Li-Ion battery (including lithium and lithium polymers), providing a complete power solution and a simple external application.

RK818 integrates 5 high-current DCDC, 9 LDO, 1 linear switch, a USB 5V and HDMI5V output, as well as switch charging, intelligent power path management, coulomb meter, RTC and adjustable power sequencing and other functions.

RK818 built-in intelligent power path management and accurate Coulomb function and a single lithium-ion battery switch charging.

The RK818 integrates a synchronous buck DC-DC converter that charges the battery while supplying power to the system load. USB can be used as this IC power input, the input current limit can be set to 450mA or 820mA to meet the USB2.0 and USB3.0 requirements, the maximum can be set to 3A to meet the high current charging USB applications. Charge management includes input current limiting, trickle charge, constant current / constant voltage charging, charge termination, charge overtime security protection and other functions. All the specific values of these functions can be easily set via the I2C interface.

The RK818 regulates the output voltage to provide the required power to the system load, while charging the battery. When entering the input current limit state, the input power will be given priority to the system load, and the remaining power will be provided to the battery charge. In addition, the intelligent power path management function automatically turns on the switch between the battery and the system load when the power required by the system load exceeds the limited input power, or when the power input is disconnected, so that the battery can simultaneously provide additional power to the system load. [ … ]
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RK818 Datasheet