RM6204 Datasheet PDF – Switching Power Management IC

Part Number: RM6204

Function: High Performance Current Mode PWM Switching Power Supply controller

Package: DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: www.reactor-micro.com




The RM6204 is a switching power management IC with advanced overload and full load current protection technology that delivers 12W of continuous output power over a full voltage range and up to 15W in a single voltage range. Reasonable design minimizes the total cost of the product. RM6204 power controller can be used in a typical flyback topology, constitute a simple AC / DC converter. The internal start-up circuit uses a unique current inhalation mode, the use of the switch’s own amplification to complete the start, which greatly reduces the loss of starting resistance. When the output power is reduced, RM6204 will reduce the frequency to reduce the standby loss.





1. Built-in 700V high voltage transistor

2. Application circuit design is simple, less components

3. Built-in latch pulse-width modulation and pulse-by-pulse current detection technology

4. low-voltage down-conversion and standby power consumption less than 0.3W

5. Built-in slope compensation, feedback compensation

6. Built-in independent upper limit current detection circuit, real-time processing of over-current Or overload

RM6204 Datasheet



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