RSM2313 Datasheet PDF – 4-Ch, Audio Processor

Part Number: RSM2313

Function: Four-channel audio processor circuit

Package: DIP 20 Pin, SOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Risong Electronics


RSM2313 datasheet



The RSM2313 is a four-channel digital audio control processor manufactured in CMOS technology. It has volume, tone, bass, treble, balance, left and right and loudness front and rear controls. Selectable input gain allows the RSM2313 to achieve higher performance and reliability with few external components. The device is suitable for a variety of high-quality car radios and high-fidelity audio systems. All controls are controlled through a serial I2C bus connected to an external microprocessor.


1. CMOS process

2. fewer external components

3. Treble and bass controls only 28-pin package

4. loudness function is only 28-pin package

5. 3-way selectable gain stereo input

6. inputs / outputs can be used with an external equalizer noise suppression circuitry match

7. volume adjustment 1.25dB / grade

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RSM2313 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: RSM-2313