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Part Number: RT8120

Function: Single-Phase Synchronous Buck PWM Controller

Package: SOP-8 and SOP-8 type

Manufacturer: Richtek ( http://www.richtek.com/ )




The RT8120 is a single-phase synchronous buck PWM DC/DC controller designed to drive two N-MOSFET. It provides a highly accurate, programmable output voltage precisely regulated to low voltage requirements with an internal 0.8V ±1% ( option for 0.6V ±1.5%) reference. The IC uses a single feedback loop voltage mode PWM control for fast transient response. An oscillator with fixed frequency 300kHz reduces the external inductor and capacitor component size for saving PCB board area.

The RT-8120 provides fast transient response to satisfy high current output applications while minimizing external components. It is suitable for high performance graphic processors, DDR and VTT power. The RT8120 incorporates an externally compensated error amplifier and an internal soft-start and output enable.




1. Wide Input Voltage Range : 3V to 13.2V
2. Embedded Switching Boot Diode
3. 0.8V ±1%, 0.6V ±1.5% Internal Reference
4. hoot-Through Protection and Short Pulse Free Technology for Gate Drivers
5. Fixed Frequency 300kHz
6. Internal Soft-Start
7. Over Current Protection

Official Homepage: http://www.richtek.com/en/Products/RT8120


RT8120 Datasheet


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