RT8881A PDF Datasheet – Multi-Phase PWM Controller

Part Number: RT8881A

Function: Multi-Phase PWM Controller

Package: 52-Lead WQFN Type

Manufacturer: Richtek


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The RT8881A is a multi-phases PWM controller. Moreover, it is compliant with AMD SVI2 Voltage Regulator Specification to support both CPU core (VDD) and Northbridge portion (VDDNB) of the CPU. The RT8881A adopts the G-NAVPTM (Green-Native AVP), which is a Richtek’s proprietary topology. The G-NAVP makes it an easy setting controller to meet all AMD AVP (Adaptive Voltage Positioning) requirements. […]


1. Dual Outputs :

(1) 4/3/2/1-Phase for VDD
(2) 2/1/0-Phase for VDDNB

2. G-NAVP Topology

3. Support Dynamic Load-Line and Zero Load-Line

4. Diode Emulation Mode at Light Load Condition

5. SVI2 Interface to Comply with AMD Power Management Protocol

6. I2C Interface for Platform Configuration

7. Build-in ADC for VOUT and IOUT Reporting

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RT8881A Datasheet