RT9168 Datasheet – 200mA, LDO Regulator

Part Number : RT9168

Function : 200mA/500mA Fixed Output Voltage LDO Regulator

Package : SOT-23-5, SOP-8 Type

Manufacturers : Richtek Technology

Pinouts :

RT9168 datasheet


Description :

The RT9168 / RT9168A is a 200mA/500mA low dropout and micropower regulator suitable for portable applications. The output voltages range from 1.5V to 5.0V in 100mV ncrements and 2% accuracy. The RT9168/A is designed or use with very low ESR capacitors. The output remains stable even with a 1μF ceramic output capacitor.

The RT9168 / RT9168A uses an internal PMOS as the pass device, which does not cause extra GND current in heavy load and dropout conditions. The shutdown mode of nearly zero operation current makes the IC suitable for battery powered devices. Other features include current limiting and over temperature protection. The SOT-23-5 and SOP-8 packages are also available for larger power dissipation and design flexibility.


1. Stable with Low-ESR Output Capacitor
2. Low Dropout Voltage (220mV at 200mA)
3. Low Operation Current – 80μA Typical
4. Shutdown Function
5. Low Temperature Coefficient
6. Current and Thermal Limiting

Other data sheets within the file :

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