RTD2033V2 PDF Datasheet – Display Controller

Part Number: RTD2033V2

Function: Multi-purpose Display Controller

Package: QFP 128 Pin type

Manufacturer: Realtek

RTD2033V2 datasheet pdf


The RTD2033V2 is a multi-purpose LCD controller, it is suitable inland market. It is designed to support TTL/LVDS LCD panel.

The main feature of2033 V2.0 C can support VGA ,S-VIDEO , AV Signal input 2 Features Below you will find the detailed feature Video Input S-Video CVBS PC-RGB S-Y:1.0V Vp-p +/-5% S-C:0.3Vp-p +/-5% 1.0Vp-p +/-5% Format Color Up to 1920*1200@60HZ 16bit, 24bit, 32bit Audio input S-Video,CVBS,PC-RGB Power Requirement Left and right audio input 12V 3.3V,5V,12V Low power consumable mode: standby<2W Power OSD Language Key Functions Audio Output Comb Filter Nosier reduction Panel Resolutions To panel Manage English, French ,Spanish , Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch(Option ) CH-,CH+,MENU,VOL-,VOL+,AUTO,ON/OFF (Control by remote control) 2w (8 Ω) / / / Up to 1920*1200@60HZ PC-RGB Input S-Video Input CVBS Input CVBS Audio Input S-Video Audio Input PC-RGB Audio Input Output To Panel LVDS 30PIN/2.0 JACK,TTL(Option ) 1 earphone terminal black color 1D-SUB 15PIN terminal blue color 1S-Video terminal black color 1RCA terminal yellow color De-interlace / Weak signal enhancement Terminals Input 3 FUNCTION LAYOUT PICTURE OF LCD CONTROLLER 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 8 10 9 11 12 13 14 INTERFACE FUNCTION Description NO 1(CN9) 2(JP10) 3(JP9) 4(JP11) 5(JP12)

Description INVERTER INTERFACE TTL1 LVDS PANEL INTERFACE TTL2 DEBUG NO 11 12 13 14 Description DC IN VGA IN AV IN PC AUDIO IN 6(CN7) 7(JP13) 8(CN12) 9(CN10) 10(CN14) REMOTE RECEIVER INTERFACE KEY BOARD+ LED SPEAKER PC AUDIO INPUT AV SIGNAL INPUT INTERFACE DEFINITION Below ,please see the symbol and description from left to right pin CN9 ( 6PIN/2.0 ) INVERTER INTERFACE NO SYMBOL Description 1 GND Ground 2 GND Ground 3 AD Brightness adjustment 4 BK Black-light ON/OFF control 5 12V +12V DC Power supply 6 12V +12V DC Power supply JP9(2*15PIN/2.0)LVDS PANEL INTERFACE NO SYMBOL Description 1 PWR Power for panel 2 PWR Power for panel 3 PWR Power for panel 4 GND Ground 5 GND Ground 6 GND Ground 7 ATX0LVDS 0DD 0- Signal 8 ATX0+ LVDS 0DD 0+ Signal 9 ATX1LVDS 0DD 1- Signal 10 ATX1+ LVDS 0DD 1+ Signal 11 ATX2LVDS 0DD 2- Signal 12 ATX2+ LVDS 0DD 2-+ Signal 13 GND Ground 14 GND Ground 15 ATCKLVDS 0DD Clock- Signal 16 ATCK+ LVDS 0DD Clock+ Signal 17 ATX3LVDS 0DD 3- Signal 18 ATX3+ LVDS 0DD 3+ Signal 19 BTX0LVDS EVEN 0- Signal 20 BTX0+ LVDS EVEN 0+ Signal 21 BTX1LVDS EVEN 1- Signal 22 BTX1+ LVDS EVEN 1+ Signal 23 BTX2LVDS […]

RTD2033V2 realtek controller

RTD2033V2 PDF Datasheet