RTD2280L Datasheet PDF – Flat Panel Display Controller

Part Number : RTD2280L

Function : Flat Panel Display Controller

Package :  LQFP64 7×7 Type

Manufactures : Realtek


RTD2280L datasheet


1. Embedded DDC with DDC1/2B/CI
2. Embedded one MCU with SPI flash controller.
3. Require only one crystal to generate all timing.
4. Programmable internal low-voltage-reset (LVR)
5. High resolution 6 channels PWM output, and wide range selectable PWM frequency.
6. Support input format up to FHD
7. Embedded BJT control circuit for 1.2V regulator replacement


RTD2280L pinout

Output Interface

1. Fully programmable display timing generator
2. Flexible data pair swapping for easier system design.
3. Single or Dual display interface supported up to 186MHz, FHD resolution
4.  LVDS output interface
5. Support 8 bits LVDS output
6.  Spread-Spectrum DPLL to reduce EMI
7.  Fixed Last Line output for perfect panel capability

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RTD2280L Datasheet PDF

RTD2280L pdf