RY5W-K Datasheet – Relay, 5VDC,1A, DPDT ( PDF )

Part Number: RY5W-K

Function:  Relay, 5VDC, 165Ohm, 1A, DPDT / 2 POLES – 1 to 2 A (FOR SIGNAL SWITCHING)

Package: DIP 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: TAKAMISAWA, Fujitsu

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This is 5VDC, 1A, DPDT, Signal Relay.


1. Ultra high sensitivity

2. UL, CSA recognized

3. Conforms to FCC rules and regulations Part 68
– Surge strength 1,500 V

4. High dielectric strength type available (RY-WF type)

5. Contact arrangement MBB type available (RY-D type

6. High reliability-bifurcated contacts

7. Wide operating range

8. DIL pitch terminals

9. Plastic sealed type

10. RoHS compliant since date code: 0438B9


Other data sheets are available within the file: RY-12D-K, RY-12W-K, RY-12WF-K, RY-12WFZ-K, RY-12WZ-K

RY5W-K Datasheet PDF Download

RY5W-K pdf