S4VB Datasheet – 4A, Bridge Type Rectifier, Diode

This post describes for the Bridge Diode.

The Part Number is S4VB, S4VB20 ( 200V ), S4VB60 ( 600V ).

The function of this semiconductor is Bridge Rectifier Diode.

The manufacturer of this part is Shindengen Electric.


S4VB Bridge Diode


This is Bridge type 4A, Rectifier, Diode.

See the preview image and the PDF file for more information.

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S4VB10 datasheet pinout




• High-Reliability
• Heat Resistance
• Low IR


Absolute Maximum Ratings

1. Storage Temperature : -40 ~ 150 °C
2. Operation Junction Temperature : 150 °C
3. Average Rectified Forward Current : 4 A


S4VB pinout datasheet

For details of outline dimensions, refer to our web site or the Semiconductor
Short Form Catalog. As for the marking, refer to the specification “Marking,
Terminal Connection.”


S4VB10 Datasheet


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