SA160DP Datasheet – H-Bridge Motor Driver

Part Number : SA160DP

Function : 10A H-Bridge Motor Driver IC

Package : 12-pIn POWER SIP

Manufacturers : Apex Microtechnology

Image :

SA160DP datasheet


Description :

The SA160DP and SA160DPA are low cost, complete H-bridge, Class D “switching” amplifiers for
driving brush-type motors and reactive loads. These full-bridge amplifiers can operate on supplies
up to 80V while providing up to 10A continuous output current with the standard model SA160DP,
and up to 14A continuous with the A Grade SA160DPA.

As follow-on products to the Apex Microtechnology SA60 H-bridge motor driver, both the device are designed with very low R DS(ON) to cut the efficiency loss by nearly 2X in comparison
to their predecessor product. These new ICs are rated at a typical 140mWover the full -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range.

Other data sheets within the file : SA-160DP, SA160DPA

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