SA58670 Datasheet – Audio Amplifier

Part Number : SA58670

Function : 2.1 W/channel Stereo Class-D Audio Amplifier

Package : HVQFN20 Type

Manufacturers : NXP Semiconductors.

Pinouts :

SA58670 datasheet

Description :

The SA58670 is a stereo, filter-free class-D audio amplifier which is available in an HVQFN20 package with the exposed Die Attach Paddle (DAP). The device features independent shutdown controls for each channel. The gain may be set at 6 dB, 12 dB, 18 dB or 24 dB with gain select pins G0 and G1. Improved immunity to noise and RF rectification is increased by high PSRR and differential circuit topology. Fast start-up time and small package makes it an ideal choice for both cellular handsets and PDAs.

The SA58670 delivers 1.4 W/channel at 5.0 V and 720 mW/channel at 3.6 V into 8Ω. It delivers 2.1 W/channel at 5.0 V into 4Ω. The maximum power efficiency is excellent at 70 % to 74 % into 4Ωand 84 % to 88 % into 8Ω. The SA58670 provides thermal and short-circuit shutdown protection.


♦ Output power:
♦ 2.1 W/channel into 4Ωat 5.0 V
♦ 1.4 W/channel into 8Ωat 5.0 V
♦ 720 mW/channel into 8Ωat 3.6 V
♦ Supply voltage: 2.5 V to 5.5 V
♦ Independent shutdown control for each channel
♦ Selectable gain: 6 dB, 12 dB, 18 dB and 24 dB
♦ High SVRR:−77 dB at 217 Hz
♦ Fast start-up time: 3.5 ms
♦ Low supply current
♦ Low shutdown current
♦ Short-circuit and thermal protection
♦ Space savings with 4 mm×4 mm HVQFN20 package
♦ Low junction to ambient thermal resistance of 24 K/W with exposed DAP


Other data sheets within the file : SA58670BS

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