SA612A Datasheet PDF

Part Number : SA612A

Function : Double-balanced mixer and oscillator

Manufacturers : Philips Electronics

Pinouts :

SA612A datasheet

Description :

General description
The SA612A is a low-power VHF monolithic double-balanced mixer with on-board
oscillator and voltage regulator. It is intended for low cost, low-power communication
systems with signal frequencies to 500 MHz and local oscillator frequencies as high as
200 MHz. The mixer is a ‘Gilbert cell’ multiplier configuration that provides gain of 14 dB or more at 45 MHz. The oscillator can be configured for a crystal, a tuned tank operation, or as a buffer for an external LO. Noise figure at 45 MHz is typically below 6 dB and makes the device well-suited for high-performance cordless phone/cellular radio. The low power consumption makes the SA612A excellent for battery-operated equipment. Networking and other communications products can benefitfrom very low radiated energy levels within systems. The SA612A is available in an 8-lead SO (surface-mounted miniature

Low current consumption
Low cost
Operation to 500 MHz
Low radiated energy
Low external parts count; suitable for crystal/ceramic filter
Excellent sensitivity, gain, and noise figure

Cordless telephone
Portable radio
VHF transceivers
RF data links
Communications receivers
Broadband LANs
HF and VHF frequency conversion
Cellular radio mixer/oscillator

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