SAA5290PS Datasheet PDF – Teletext and TV Microcontroller

Part Number: SAA5290PS

Function: Economy Teletext and TV Microcontroller

Package: DIP 52 Pin, QFP 80 Pin type

Manufacturer: Philips Electronics ( )


SAA5290PS datasheet



The SAA5290PS is Teletext and TV Microcontroller.

The SAA529x, SAA529xA and SAA549x family of microcontrollers are a derivative of the Philips’ industry-standard 80C51 microcontroller and are intended for use as the central control mechanism in a television receiver. They provide control functions for the television system and include an integrated teletext function.

Teletext and TV microcontroller are often used together in television sets to provide additional features and functionality to viewers. For example, the TV microcontroller may control the teletext decoder and display the teletext information on the screen. The microcontroller may also provide additional features related to teletext, such as the ability to save pages for later viewing or search for specific information.


1. Single chip microcontroller with integrated teletext decoder
2. Single +5 V power supply
3. Single crystal oscillator for teletext decoder, display and microcontroller
4. Teletext function can be powered-down independently of microcontroller function for reduced power consumption in stand-by
5. Pin compatibility throughout family.

Other data sheets are available within the file: SAA5290, SAA5290PS/107, SAA5290PS/108

SAA5290PS Datasheet PDF Download

SAA5290PS pdf

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