SAF7113H Datasheet PDF – 9-bit Video Input Processor

Part Number: SAF7113H

Function: 9-bit Video Input Processor

Package: QFP 44 Type

Manufacturer: Philips Electronics ( )


SAF7113H datasheet


The 9-bit video input processor, SAF7113H is a combination of a two-channel analog preprocessing circuit including source selection, anti-aliasing filter and ADC, an automatic clamp and gain control, a Clock Generation Circuit (CGC), a digital multistandard decoder (PAL BGHI, PAL M, PAL N, combination PAL N, NTSC M, NTSC-Japan, NTSC N and SECAM), a brightness, contrast and saturation control circuit, a multistandard VBI data slicer and a 27 MHz VBI data bypass.

The integrated high performance multistandard data slicer supports several VBI data standards:

• Teletext 625 lines: WST (World Standard Teletext) and CCST (Chinese teletext)
• Teletext 525 lines: US-WST, NABTS (North-American Broadcast Text System) and MOJI
• Closed caption: Europe and US (line 21)
• Wide Screen Signalling (WSS)
• Video Programming Signal (VPS)
• Time codes (VITC EBU/SMPTE)
• High-speed VBI data bypass for Intercast application.

Featues :

1. Switchable white peak control

2. Two built-in analog anti-aliasing filters

3. On-chip clock generator

4. Line-locked system clock frequencies


1. Notebook (low power consumption)

2. PCMCIA card application

3. AGP based graphics cards

4. Image processing

5. Video phone applications

6. Intercast and PC teletext applications

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SAF7113H pdf

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