SAM4CP16B Datasheet PDF – 32-bit, RISC Processor

Part Number : SAM4CP16B

Function : SMART Power Line Communications Device

Package : LQFP 176 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Atmel Corporation

Pinouts :

SAM4CP16B datasheet


Description :

The SAM4CP16B, SAM4CP series belongs to Atmel SMART energy portfolio. It is based on SAM4C, a high performance 32-bit, dual core ARM Cortex-M4 RISC processor embedding a PRIME PLC [Power Line Communication] modem.

The cores are able to operate at a maximum speed of 120 MHz, featuring 1 Mbyte of embedded Flash, 128 kBytes of SRAM and on-chip cache for each core. SAM4CP unique dual ARM Cortex-M4 architecture supports implementation of signal processing, application and communications firmware in independent partitions. SAM4CP16B system-on-chip includes a PRIME modem, being PRIME [PoweR line Intelligent Metering Evolution] an open standard technology used for Smart Grid pplications, mainly Smart Metering.

Atmel PRIME modem implementation includes enhanced PHY layer features such as additional robust modes and frequency band extension.

Features :

1. ARM Cortex-M4 running at up to 120 MHz

2. Memory Protection Unit (MPU)

3. DSP Instruction

4. Thumb-2 instruction set

5. Instruction and Data Cache Controller with 2 Kbytes Cache Memory


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