SC6531E Datasheet PDF – Single Chip for Smart Phone

Part Number: SC6531E

Function: Single chip with embedded baseband, flash PSRAM and RF transceiver

Package: BGA 175 Ball Type ( 7.8 x 7.8 mm )

Manufacturer: Spreadtrum Communications, Inc


SC6531E datasheet pdf


SC6531E is a highly integrated single chip with embedded baseband, flash PSRAM and RF transceiver for GSM/GPRS/BT/FM applications, which is designed to provide a cost-effective, low-power and high performance solution for mobile phones.

SC6531 consists of two embedded 32-bit microcontrollers and an embedded 16-bit DSP core with the specially optimized architecture and dedicated accelerators. The integrated several RF transceivers (gsm/bt/fm) provide the function of radio frequency signal transmit and receiving from or to baseband signal. Thereby, a total and low cost communication solution can be provided with this highly integrated chip.

The integrated analog baseband processor provides ADCs and DACs for the baseband and voice
band up/down links, power management circuits, PLLs, band-gap references, LDO regulators and
other auxiliary drivers.


1. GSM/GPRS/FM/BT radio frequency, GSM/GPRS baseband, multimedia, Bluetooth & FM BB and power management unit

2. Deep sub-micron mixed signal CMOS technology

3. Supports embedded PSRAM memory with size up to 128M Bits

4. Supports DDR PSRAM of 8-bit data width

5. Asynchronous single access

6. Synchronous burst access up to 104MHz SDR/DDR


Other data sheets are available within the file: SC6531M, SC6531


SC6531E Datasheet PDF Download