SEM5027 Datasheet – LED driver IC – Samsung

Part Number : SEM5027

Function : 1CH Switching Type (Boost) 30V MP

Package : 16 SOP Type

Manufacturers : Samsung

Image :
SEM5027 image

Description :

The LED driver IC is focused on effectively driving and controlling the LED, which is usually used in the backlight unit (LCD TV, Monitor

). The SEMCO LED Driver IC provides a high contrast ratio through the DC – DC conversion and dimming control.

Depending on the controlling method, it either supports the linear type or the switching type topology.


SEM5027 pinout

General features

1. LED Driver IC
2. LLC IC ( Flyback )

SEM5027 datasheet


2. Monitor
3. MFM ( Multi Function Monitor )

Reference Site :

SEM5027 Datasheet PDF Download

SEM5027 pdf

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