SHT10 Datasheet – Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Part Number : SHT10

Function : Humidity and Temperature Sensor IC

Package : Module Type

Manufacturers : Sensirion ( )

Pinouts :

SHT10 datasheet

Description :

SHT1x  (including  SHT10,  SHT11  and  SHT15)  is Sensirion’s  family  of surface mountable  relative humidity and  temperature  sensors.  The  sensors  integrate  sensor elements  plus  signal  processing  on  a  tiny  foot  print  and provide  a  fully  calibrated  digital  output.


*  Fully calibrated

*  Digital output

*  Low power consumption

*  Excellent long term stability

*  SMD type package – reflow solderable

Other data sheets within the file : SHT11, SHT15, SHT1x

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